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           I would like to share my happiness over the 'Launch of the website' on March 4, 08 by Smt. H.K. Pannu, CGDA. Launch of website was made in the august presence of VADM JS Bedi, FOC-in-C, WNC and several senior dignitaries from Navy and Coast Guard.

           The launch of the website marks the culmination of efforts made by this office to provide access to updated information relating to status of claims (both third party and personal) and budget status, accessible by all Ships and Establishments of Indian Navy and Coast Guard at their locations. For the present the website covers all Ships and Establishments under IHQ (Navy), New Delhi, HQ, WNC, CG (HQrs) and Coast Guard (WR). In course of time, information relating to all Ships and Establishments under HQ ENC and SNC and other Coast Guard Regions will also be available for all users. It will be our endeavour to maintain the website updated every week, so that all users can obtain latest information.


           I do feel that the website will thus be found very useful by all users. Suggestions for improving the website content are very welcome.

Dated: March 4, '08
[K. Shankar]
Principal CDA (Navy)

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