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Here is the information related to TA/DA/LTC Claims, Conveyance allowance, Deputation abroad, Sea Passage and RMA of Naval Officers Sailors, Coast Guard Officers Naviks civilians and Naval Civilians.

The Claim should be submitted with all the requisite certificate/documents to avoid all round correspondence. The following points/documents should be taken in to account while submitting the claims.

1. Proceeding/Reporting Genform/Movement order.
2. The nature of duty should be mentioned in the claim/genform/movement order.
3. Claim should be countersigned by competent Authority except indicated in Appendix IV referred in Rule 7 of TR.
4. Rly receipt/Printed receipt and Consignment Note bearing Machine Sl.No in support of Baggage /scooter/car Conveyance/cartage charges.
5. Block year for LTC/Rule under which claim prefer Viz 177-A,177-B,180 TR should be clearly indicated.
6. If time barred claim the sanction of Competent Authority should be obtained and enclosed.
7. Leave period/Ty duty period should be mentioned in Conveyance Allowance claim (rule 222 of TR).
8. Basic pay should be indicated.
9. If the claim is duplicate(in lieu of lost one the certificate in term & Rule 43 FR Part II must be enclosed).
10. Sanction of Competent Authority to waive off production of Original document(if lost & cannot be produced).
11. If actual period of Ty duty exceed the sanction period amendment GX/Movement order.
12. If additional fare is claimed for self for onward/return journey to the previous duty station for bringing family on pmt duty the certificate to the effect that non-availibity of Govt accommodation at new duty station.
13. Dependency certificate indicate therein the age and income of family members.
14. Cash TA Sanction.
15. Ticket nos and PNR no should be mentioned in LTC claim.
16. Revenue stamp should be affixed if net amount payable exceed Rs 500/-
17. The correct account number and address of the banker.
For Deputation claims abroad:-
1. Govt Sanction letter.
2. Advance Voucher for Advances if any drawn from India as well as from Indian Embassy abroad.
3. Certificate to the effect that Whether the Official is treated as State Guest during deputation period.
4. Hotel Arrangement if provided by Embassy the certificate to the effect that breakfast provided/not provided.
5. Detention Certificate from Embassy.
6. If cash Allowance is claimed for enforced halt certificate from embassy/Air Company for facility provided or/ actual expenditure incurred by officer on lodging and boarding.
7. Receipt for incidental Expenditure viz taxi, phone, Airport tax etc.
8. Receipt for clearance charges viz crane charges/agency charges etc.
Present Entitlement on various moves (LTC):-
1. 177-A To visit home town . Officer & Dependent family members (wife/children/parents/sisters and minor brothers) can avail once in a block of two year commencing from 1971.
177-B :- To visit any where in India where Officer want to spent his leave the reimbursement will be as follows.

Up to 1450/- KM Rest Distance
IF form D used : 60% Nil
If form "D" is not used : Full 40%
Concession is admissible to family members also(wife/children only)
3. 180TR- Officers from Employee as AIR Post Pilot/Naval Officer/sailor of Indian Navy(Naval Aviation branch) are entitled to Free Railway journey in the appropriate class up to a total distance of 1600km for onward & return(journey both way inclusive)
4. Admission of LTC for one way journey in respect of wife LTC under Rule 177-B TR in respect of wife of an officer for one way journey is admissible when officer marry at his leave station or new married wife from home town of the officer to duty station.
The Entitlements for journey by various modes :-
1. All Flag officers VADM/RADM : Economy (y) class by national carrier/AC first Class by train
2. Captain and above : AC Ist class
3. Officer of the of rank of CDR drawing Basic Pay 16400/- and above AC Ist class
4. Officer of the rank of CDR drawing Basic Pay less than 16400/- II AC- II tier
Travelling by Rajdhani
1. Officer to the Rank of Captain & above AC Ist class
2. Officer to the rank of CDR drawing Basic pay 16400/- and above AC Ist class
3. CDR drawing Basic Pay less than 16400 & below II AC-II tier sleeper
Travelling by Shatabdi Express
1. Officer to the Rank of Captain & above Executive class
2. Officer to the rank of CDR drawing Basic pay
16400/- and above
Executive class
3. CDR drawing Basic Pay less than 16400 below AC Chair car
Note :- Entitlement by Rajdhani/Shatabi express train would be applicable
in case where journey is actually undertaken by these trains and not for
determining the entitlement notational basis
Journey by Sea or River Steamer
All service officers in first grade :- All first class/deluxe class
Permanent Duty - Journey By Rail
Service personnel Entitlement
Captain and above AC Ist class
Other officers /JCO equivalent II AC-II tier
Petty officer and equivalent Ist class/III AC
Sailors II class sleeper
Rajdhani Express
Captain and Above AC Ist class
CDR and below II AC-II tier
Shatabdi Express
Captain and above Executive class
CDR and below AC Chair car
Permanent Duty - Journey By Air
Travel by Air within Indian limit is permissible on Ty. duty/Pmt Duty moves in the case of Officers of Captain and above.
Officer of the rank of Cdr may travel by Air at their discretion if distance involved is monetary 500 kms and journey cannot be performed overnight by a direct train or sleeper coach services.
Except:- All first grade officers of Defence and Defence civilians paid from Defence service Estimates may travel by Air on I AC flights between Chennai/Kolkotta and Port Blair on duty(Rule 62 (d)TR)
Officers entitled to travel by Air can travel by Helicopter on duty.
Entitlements for journey by Road
Pay Range Entitlement
Rs 16400/- and above AC Taxi/Oridinary Taxi Autorikshaw/Own scooter/any public bus
Rs 8000-Rs 16399/- Moped/ Any bus including AC Same as above, except AC Taxi
Rs.6500-Rs 7,999/- Same as I above except AC Bus
Rs. 4100/- Rs. 6499/- Autorishaw/Scooter/Moped/Any Bus except AC Bus
Below Rs. 4100/- Autorickshaw/Scooter/Moped/Oridinary Bus
Conveyance Allowance
A monthly Conveyance Allowance may be granted to individuals who are required to travel extensively on duty or within a short distance of the HQ. The allowance will be governed by the rates and conditions as follows.
Monthly Rate Of Coveyance Allowance
Average Monthly Travel on Office Duty Rates of Conveyance Allowance for journey by
Own Motor Car Other Mode Of Conveyance
201 - 300 Kms Rs. 560/- Rs. 185/-
301 - 450 Kms Rs. 840/- Rs. 240/-
451 - 600 Kms Rs. 1035/- Rs. 320/-
601 - 800 Kms Rs. 1215/- Rs. 375/-
above 800 Kms Rs. 1500/- Rs. 425/-

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