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      The organisation of PCDA (Navy) is headed by an oficer of the rank of Additional Secretary to the Government of India belonging to the Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS). The present Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Navy) is Shri  S N Misra.

      The offices under PCDA (N) are located in the following stations. Click the stations to view the officers posted there in or simply scroll down this page.

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Name Designation Mobile No. Section
Smt.R.S.Deshpande SAO (Navy) 9226228992 TA Section
Shri V S Shingate AO (Navy)


Shri S.W.Bagewadi SAO(Navy) 9969633531 Admin Section
Shri. P.G. Shenoy SAO(Navy) 9764528592 Cost Audit Cell.
Smt. Manju Gupta SAO(Navy) 9223556238 Wages
Smt. Vandana Shetty SAO(Navy) 9867309373 Pension Cell
Smt.Padmaja V. SAO(Navy) 9320184050 Accounts.
Shri. D.G. Navale SAO(Navy) 9822728048 FA to MS (G)
Shri.K.Gopinathan SAO(Navy) 9987229094


Smt.R.P.Shinganapurkar SAO(Navy) 9892154396 EDP
Smt.Jayamala Manohar SAO(Navy) 9766932976 FA to ASD
Smt.N.S.Waikar SAO(Navy) 9623116416 IRLA
Shri.G.D.Lahane SAO(Navy) 9960529311 D & Record
Shri.R.A.Shaikh AO(Navy) 9869477049 EDP
Ms. Lalitha.S AO(Navy) 9869452481 IRLA Section
Smt.M. D. Puranik AO(Navy) 9960639181 TA Section
Shri.R.Satyanarayan AO(Navy) 9960623228 Coast Guard Section
Shri.M.B.Govekar AO(Navy) 9820173785 Imprest
Smt.Vijaya Ramesh AO(Navy) 9819295483 Costing
Smt.Lali Chandran AO(Navy) 9860774302 FA to ASD (IFA)
Smt.Leena Thankachan AO(Navy) 9423106289 Stores Section
Shri.Bharat Bhushan AO(Navy) 9970291548 NLAO (D)
Shri.NSN Shaikh AO(Navy)   NLAO (A)
Shri.B.B. Shinde AO(Navy) 9892163795 O & M & Trg.
Shri. V.Haridas AO(Navy) 9619433715 Pay audit Cell (G)
Smt. Philomina Mathew AO(Navy) 9822762839 IRLA
Shri.R.A.Sohani AO(Navy) 9619552850 FA to MS (IFA)
Smt.Pushpaja Nair AO(Navy)   Pay Section
Miss.S.V.Sabnis AO(Navy) 9922146990 Fund
Smt.R.A.Abhyankar AO(Navy) 9869501535 Hindi Cell
Shri. M V Wawage AO(Navy)   IA section
Shri D P Gajbhiye AO(Navy)   NLAO(B) Ghatkopar
Name Designation Mobile No. Section
Shri AVLS Vara Prasad AO(Navy) 9441493059 AAO(Navy)
Smt.K Uma Rani Parvati AO(Navy) 9866110542 AAO(Navy)
Shri P.K.Nanda AO(Navy) 9000906303 FA to ASD
Shri.N.V.Subha Rao AO(Navy) 9246614322 FA to ASD
Shri ASV Prasad AO(Navy) 93246320252 FA to MS
Shri VRN Naidu AO(Navy) 93246320254 FA to MS
Shri V.Laxmi Prasad AO(Navy) 9989154291 NLAO(A)
Shri A.Anjali Kumar AO(Navy) 9397981012


Name Designation Mobile No. Section
Shri S.R.Babu SAO(Navy) 9496359715 NLAO(A),NLAO(B)& TA Section
Shri.K.J.N.Kutty SAO(Navy) 9388925909 Store Section
Shri.G.Ravi Varma AO(Navy) 9496626779 Pay Section
Name Designation Mobile No. Section
Shri P. Srinath AO(Navy)   Officer-in-Charge,AO (Navy) Goa
Shri S. Srinath AO(Navy)   Officer-in-Charge,AO (Navy) Goa
Name Designation Mobile No. Section
Shri N. Ganesan SAO(Navy) 09444020733 Officer-in-Charge,AO(Navy) Chennai
Smt. Geetha Varadarajan AO(Navy) 09445260296 Officer-in-Charge,AO(Navy) Chennai
New Delhi
Name Designation Mobile No. Section
Shri B.K. Gupta SAO(Navy)   Officer-in-Charge, AO (N) Project Seabird, New Delhi
Shri Pradeep Kumar AO(Navy) 09868435100 Officer-in-Charge, AO (N) Project Seabird, New Delhi
Name Designation Mobile No. Section
Smt. Bharati Mukhopadhyay SAO (N) 9433283207 Officer-In-Charge, Accounts Office (N), Kolkata.
Shri S. Bhattacharya AO(N) 9903520266 Officer-In-Charge, AO(Navy)Kolkatta

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